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RT Seven Lite 2.6

RT Seven Lite will let you create a customized Windows 7 installation disc
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RT Seven Lite will let you create a customized Windows 7 installation disc. RT Seven Lite needs you to put the original installation files (or an ISO image) in a folder on your disk. You can do it by yourself, or let the program do this task for you. Once this is done, you can start customizing your new Windows 7 installation disc by adding upgrades, drivers, language packs and applications. You can also remove common Windows programs that you are not going to use. By adding tweaks, you will modify the way in which some components will work once that your customized operating system is installed. By entering the data that you usually input when installing Windows (such as the product key, selected version, EULA agreement, etc.) in advance, you will not need to enter those details during installation. That means you can perform unattended installations. Finally, you will be able to replace the Windows´ wallpapers, icons and themes.

Once that everything is set, the program will create a bootable ISO that you can burn to a CD or DVD, or transfer the files to a USB flash disk. This way, you will be able to perform installations on several machines, and all of them will have the latest updates and customized themes.

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